We have a many collections to suit different reading needs and special interests. We also stock foreign and dual-language titles. Please see below.

Dyslexic-friendly books

Dyslexia friendly teen stock at Oakham Library

We have a range of labelled dyslexic-friendly titles. These books have a simpler sentence structure, and easier-to-read fonts. Some have slightly yellow paper.

Dyslexic-friendly titles have an orange dot on the spine. You can also find them on our catalogue by clicking the age-range links below.

We also provide a wide range of graphic novels that may engage reluctant readers.

Younger Readers Dyslexia Friendly Collection
Dino = Younger Readers (7-9 yrs)
Older Readers (10+) Dyslexia Friendly titles
Hen = Older Readers (10+ yrs)
Teen Dyslexia Friendly Collection
Face = Teen (13+ yrs)
Young Adult Dyslexia Friendly Collection
Arrow = Young Adult (15+ yrs)

Helping Hands Collection

 A collection of children’s books to use with younger children. They can help to explain difficult or emotional topics, such as:

  • divorce,
  • bereavement,
  • going to the hospital,
  • starting school,
  • seeing the dentist,
  • disabilities, and some illnesses,
  • emotions, and more…

See a full list of titles.

Browse by topic here:

Adoption      Bullying         Death/Bereavement        Visit the Dentist      Divorce    

Going to the Doctors      Friends/Making Friends     Going to the Hairdressers     

Hospital     Moving House       New Baby          Going on a plane    

Racism                  School             Learning to swim     


Anger    Feeling Happy     Jealousy     Loneliness     Owning Up    Taking Turns   

Feeling Sad      Feeling Scared       Sharing       Feeling Worried

Browse by condition here:

ADHD    Autism    Blindness    Dementia    Epilepsy     Diabetes 

Parent Aid Collection

 A collection of books for parents. These include books on reading with children, helping with homework etc.

Exam and Study Support

Selected materials for GCSE, 11+, A-Levels, AS-Levels, UKCAT, Cambridge Nationals, BTEC and more.

Autism Collection

A growing collection of titles about Autism Spectrum Conditions. These are for parents, carers, professionals, and people with autism.

Autism Collection books cover topics including:

  • adult & female diagnosis,
  • sensory processing and & emotional issues,
  • coping strategies, and more.

Foreign & Dual-Language Books (Children’s)

We have access to a growing range of foreign language and dual-language titles. This collection includes Board Books and Picture Books for parents and children to enjoy together.

Many languages available. If we don’t have the language you would like, then please ask us.

Click on the links below to see lists of titles in stock for each language:






Foreign Language Books (Adults)

A collection of foreign language titles for adults. These books are both:

  • English translations into other languages,
  • and untranslated books from overseas.



LGBT Reads

We have some booklists of a wide selection of LGBT interest material. This includes fiction and biographies for both adults and children.

LGBT adult non-fiction & biographies

LGBT adult fiction

LGBT children’s and teens fiction

LGBT children’s and teens non-fiction